A passion…

  Maurice Chabord always loved motor sports. He built his first Go-Kart while still an apprentice boilermaker-welder. His teachers, whom he greatly admired, helped him develop extraordinary skills in the metallurgy and in specialized welding. In his free time he competed in well-known regional automobile competitions – among them the celebrated Rally du Mont Blanc—during the Alpine Berlinette, R 8 Gordini, and Porsche 911 years. Rubbing elbows with champions, his fascination with motor sports – hill races and the 24 Hours of Le Mans -- was further enhanced by the discovery of aviation during Airshows at the local Annecy-Meythet airfield. His first aviation exhaust was crafted for Marianne Maire, 7-time French National Aerobatic Champion and member of the World Champion national team.

... And 30 Years Of Innovation

1976: MauriceChabord establishes his company at Epagny, near Annecy in the Haute-Savoie. Itis, naturally, oriented toward motorsports. Renault Sport and its Formula Oneteam (turbo engines) is his major, and prestigious, client for the design,development and fabrication of turbo-charged exhausts. This exclusive teaming with Renault Sportwill determine the company's future.

1981: Exportsbegin with British, German and Italian Formula One teams

1989 -1992: MauriceChabord's Company becomes EURL CHABORD. The company branches out into mechanical/design welding for PeugeotSport 's competition cars in the Paris- Dakar Rally, followed by CitroënSport's Rally cars.
At the same time, EURL CHABORD – by nowSAS ATELIER CHABORD -- commits to the certification process of muffled exhaustsfor light General Aviation aircraft. This involvement in aviation – generatedby the growing need by aero clubs to placate noise-intolerant airport neighbors -- broadens the company's scope. Variouscertifications agreements are delivered by EASA (European Aviation SafetyAgency).

1993: A new 600-m² workshopbenefits customer reception and productivity. Over time, Maurice Chabord shareshis passion for finely wrought work to his son, Alain.

In 2004, Alain Chabord takes over the direction of SASATELIER CHABORD. Alain Chabord commits the company to continue its policy ofhigh quality and peak technical performance.

2005: Certification andcommercialization of the muffled exhaust for the ROBIN DR400 120 HP reward15 years of intense research and development in collaboration with concernedpilots, and aero clubs, sensitive to recent noise constraints. As of this dateAtelier Chabord hold certification for many of the most popular aircraft inEuropean General Aviation: Jodel- Mousquetaire D140, Morane 150CV, MoraneGlider-tug 180CV, Cessna 150, Cessna 152, DR 1050, Robin DR 400 120CV, Robin DR400 180CV and Jodel D119 under CDN (amateur-built) registry.

2007: Lisa Airplanes based in the TechnoPôle Bourgey-du-Lac in Savoie calls upon us to design, and to build,structural elements for their amphibious Akoya.

2010: SAS ATELIER CHABORD is at Oshkosh in theUSA. Again at Oshkosh in 2011 and2012 with the Pavilion FRANCE, regrouping several French Aeronautical groups.

Craft and Engineering

Our 30-year presence at the pinnacleof motorsports highlights our unique know-how in the design, and manufacturing,of exhausts and complex mecano-welded parts in fields as diverse as cars,airplanes and industrial research laboratories. We have expertise in forming and assembly of Inconel, titanium,aluminum, stainless steels, and structural steel. We work with very fine sheets, all the waydown to 4/10th of a millimeter.

Upon request – based on blue printsor proposals - we can participate in a wide variety of projects. Our studies incorporate all various technicalvariables and power plant characteristics. Our R &D office - equipped with multiple CAO workstations - ison-line with the customer during the initial and manufacturing phases. Thanks to Internet facilities, we can ensureclose and real-time collaboration and technical document sharing with ourcustomers' decision-makers.


Our team of master craftsmen are widely experienced in the most exactingproduction and welding techniques. Wehold Aeronautical-welding authority AIR 0191.
Our organization's flexibility permits us to respond to urgent demands, in shorttime frames, as often the case in motor racing. A reliable network of suppliers in a wide range of fields (machinetooling, casting, laser-cutting, surface and thermal treatments) allows us tofurnish complete mecano-welded parts ready for installation and immediate useon automobiles, aircraft, helicopters and other machines.

Quality Control

All our parts are verified by a « ROMER 3D », in atemperature-controlled (20°C.) environment. AnEASA (European-Aviation-Safety-Agency) PART 21 aeronautical agreementformalizes all our manufacturing procedures and processes, part conformity andduplicability